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CTEVT Test Community for PCL and Certificate Level (HA, Nursing, Drug store) Full Expense Paying 2080

By Naya Book Aug 25, 2023

This notification to refresh all competitors who have applied for the full-expense paying General Medication, Drug store, and Nursing Projects at the Recognition/Authentication level. This is basic data for the individuals who have accepted their concede cards for the selection tests according to the timetable by the Board for Specialized Schooling and Professional Preparation (CTEVT).

Test Timetable and Area
Date for the Selection test: 2080/05/09
Time: Planned to begin at 8:00 a.m.
Assessment Focuses: Laid out across different regions as suggested by particular workplaces.
Extra Projects
For wellbeing programs other than Broad Medication, Drug store, and Nursing at the confirmation/testament level, the placement test will likewise occur at 8:00 a.m. on a similar date, in the important instructive establishment.

Fundamental Things to Bring
Up-and-comers should bring:

The first concede card
A Dark Jel pen
Consistence Rules
It is compulsory for possibility to demonstrate the arrangement of inquiry papers got on the Response Sheet.
Inability to follow this guidance will bring about the abrogation of the competitor’s test.
Further Subtleties
For extra data on the assessment places, applicants are encouraged to visit the authority site:

For any questions or further explanations, kindly contact the Workplace of the Regulator of Assessments, CTEVT, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur.

This notice is distributed according to the choice dated 2080/05/07 and expects to illuminate all concerned competitors sufficiently and straightforwardly.

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